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As most of you know, Dr. Sackheim is a specialist in all pain management issues. In addition to spine & joint pain, one of her passions is helping people with headaches, jaw pain, and facial pain. Unfortunately, there are not many physicians who are able to help these patients to be more comfortable in their day to day lives. Dr. Sackheim uses a multidisciplinary approach involving alternative all treatments, medications, and injections, devices and other available treatment options to approach the patient as a whole and help these patients to finally find some relief.  She is also versed in treating pelvic and rectal pain which can also be a disabling condition preventing patients from leaving their homes and enjoying their lives.  Dr. Sackheim is one of those doctors worth visiting!



Premier Pain Management & Headache center in NYC

Dr. Kimberly Sackheim offers unparalleled service with real results. Using cutting-edge technologies and expertise gained from years of training and treating patients, Dr. Sackheim has become one of the leading pain physicians in New York.  She was ranked in the Top 1% of pain physicians in the state 3 years in a row including 2019. She was voted teacher of the year by the NYU Langone residents.  Every treatment is customized to each patients specific needs to help reach your their specific goals quickly efficiently and effectively. Dr. Sackheim and her staff are committed to helping you feel your personal best.



Enjoy the lost luxury of a physician coming to your home for a private one on one consultation and injections if needed.


Enjoy the luxury of seeing your doctor without leaving your home.  No need to travel to your specialist or deal with the extended traffic.  Dr. Sackheim can do your initial consult and evaluation in the comfort of your home while talking on the phone or a video call


Dr. Sackheim is available to write expert narrative reports for pain management and brain injury cases. She is also available to testify upon request. Please call or email for more details.



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