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“ I have been working with Dr. Sackheim for one year and the difference in how I feel is drastic. Dr. Sackheim helped me identify the source of my symptoms and discovered a diagnosis no other doctor was able to find. In treating my symptoms, Dr. Sackheim worked with me to find the best treatment possible and didn’t stop adjusting my medication doses until I was fully comfortable. In finding the correct dose, the reduction in inflammation and pain throughout my entire body has become hugely noticeable. Thanks to Dr. Sackheim, I am able to function again in my personal and professional life. 
-Jaimie Alexander”

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It's a miracle! I know the shots are supposed to take about a week to be fully effective, but after my epidural Dr. Sackheim I felt about 85% better and I'm looking forward to resuming real life over the next few days. Thank you Dr. Sackheim! 

Absolutely excellent When it comes to pain management and caring about her patients

My visit with Dr. Sackheim is always pleasant. She is the best doctor at NYU Langone her spirit alone is fantastic. When I sit in the waiting room most patients are seeing Dr. Sackheim that speaks a lot of volumes. Again, my visits with Dr. Sackheim are spectacular!. 

She really cares. She listens. She's smart and knows how to help people. I've never had a doctor approach my care as she did.

Dr. Sackheim is a professional who is well versed in her area of specialty. She administered my treatment with “Angel hands” and pain-free. I highly recommend Dr. Sackheim.

Dr. Sackheim is a caring, knowledgeable, and excellent physician, who knows how to listen. She has been exceptionally helpful to me. I would recommend her to anyone who needs a doctor with her areas of expertise.

I feel awesomely taken care of by Dr. Sackheim, her assistant and nurse. They are so helpful. And believe me, with all of the doctors I have seen in the past 2 years, her group is the best. I could make a list of reasons but this is enough for anyone to know.

Very knowledgeable, very caring, great staff, great at treating jaw pain and headache

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As always thank Dr. Sackheim for her exceptional service. Maria her medical assistant it was also a great pleasure to see and work with. one more important person is Christina who does all the necessary paperwork dealing with the insurance for my meds. This group is like Charlie’s Angels - thanks

Always a pleasure to see Dr. Sackheim and her staff. She is always taking care of her patients beyond her responsibility. Exactly what you need and want in a physician.

My visit was a blessing. My pain was reduced and always is when I see her. Thank You

Excellent. Dr. Sackheim is very thorough and very personable

Dr. Sackheim was a blessing at a very difficult time for me and to know that she is my doctor gives me a great piece of mind.

I can't believe I finally found the right doctor. She listens to me and really cared about my pain symptoms. I would highly recommend going to her. She really cares.  

Dr. Sackheim, I am so grateful for all you Have done for me. First of all, I appreciate your recognizing my problem--then managing to find a time slot for my epidural. thank you for your medical expertise and welcoming bedside manner. I appreciate you as a doctor.-

My gratitude towards her is infinite she has treated me for a long time for various conditions for my back, knees and hands I just went back to her as always a real caring, experienced doctor. The best in her field

Dr. Kimberly Sackheim is a wonderful caring physician. She has concern and understanding of her Patients issues and works with them to resolve difficulties in their lives because of the pain they endure. All Doctors should be like Her. I feel blessed that she is one of my physicians.

The best virtue is that she makes each patient feel like they are her only patient.

My visit with Dr. Sackheim was excellent. She a very down to earth doctor who can laugh with her patients and I like that! I sometimes call her the famous Dr. Sackheim because of she always busy and in high demand. Because she treats her patients very nice and how she would want to be treated 

I’m so lucky that I found her. She’s the only person who has been able to do anything for my facial pain and headache. It’s nice to see someone who can do something 

Very caring and efficient doctor 100 stars. I'm very happy with my care and thankful to the doctor that referred

what can I say she's the best. She listens and cares and knows her stuff what more could I ask for? Been seeing her for a few years and I'm happy with every visit.

She was very polite and really listened. She was running behind the day of my visit but she still took a lot of time with me to explain everything. She made me feel comfortable and I'm excited to see where this goes.

The visit was great. The doctor spent time with me to discuss alternative opinions and to make sure I was getting the treatments that are needed

Great experience. Dr. Sackheim is professional and courteous always. She listens and is able to answer all my questions very clearly and in a way, I can understand.

I have been suffering from chronic migraines all over my life. Tried every treatment. Dr. Sackheim had new ideas on medications and injections. She explained everything and even typed out instructions for me.

I first visited Dr sack him when I was in excruciating and debilitating pain and at the point where I couldn't walk very much because of the pain. She quickly helped isolate the problem and provided me with the medical treatment that I needed to alleviate the pain. Even when she wasn't available she went out of her way and bent backward to find me another doctor in her practice to attend to me. She listens, quickly assesses the situation, and quickly understands the issues that you're experiencing and she rapidly provided the help that you need. She is one of the most thorough and caring doctors that I have ever come across. And she had helped me so much. I am no longer in pain. She has helped me abolish most of the pain and manage the minimal amount of pain that remains as I heal. Thanks to her my quality of life is back to being enjoyable and being able to function and be pain-free and happy. I have recommended her to other family members and would highly recommend her to anyone that is looking for a doctor who helps and will make a significant difference in your life.

I have seen many doctors for my jaw pain. No one knew how to help me. Dr. Sackheim did some injections in my jaw and I feel so much better.

I had an injection with Dr. Sackheim yesterday and I have to say she has an aura of exuberance. She made me feel so comfortable and I couldn't imagine seeing any other doctor for my pain management.

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